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Heavy Duty AC 110V 10000 Mg/H (10g) Ozone Generator With Blue Plates Treatment

৳ 2,900.00
Input voltage: AC 110 V Ozone output capacity: 10000 mg/HR Size: (L*W*H):145 x 56 x 80 mm Blue plates work better than the white plates since the silicone gel is moisture resistant This heavy duty high power ozone generator is capable of generating a high level of ozone within a short period of time, which is critical for effective treatment This ozone generator takes 110v power. The barebone design is for better air circulation for high level ozone generation. A box fan for cooling is highly recommended while the ozone generator is in operation Suitable for household water purification equipment,air purification machine, disinfection cabinet, medical ozone equipment oxygen bar, dehumidifiers,refrigerators, water dispensers,home appliances equipment,etc